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Aseptic Puree

Aseptic Puree & advantages

Aseptic Puree is also another quality product of our company, so we are able to supply the market with Aseptic Puree of Apple and Peach concentrated or single strength (up to 30-32 Brix).

The manufacturer of the Puree line is "Rossi-Catelli" which is well known as the best manufacturer in Puree lines globally.

This production line is equipped with new technologies such as Cold Extraction of the puree and aroma recovery which can provide top Quality products with more nutritional values than the conventional puree lines since heat treatment (hot break) is avoided.Thus, the final product has a much stronger taste and aroma.


Below are a more detailed the list of our products:


  • Peach puree Single strength 10˚-12˚ Brix

  • Peach puree concentrated    30˚-32˚ Brix

  • Apple puree Single strength 10˚-12˚ Brix

  • Apple puree concentrated    30˚-32˚ Brix

  • Apple puree concentrated   36˚-38˚ Brix

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